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Opinions please? (cross posted)

A conversation with my husband's grandmother the other day sparked a question to which nobody in our family or circle or friends seems to know the answer to and i was hoping maybe that someone here may have some input.
My Issue: Neither my husband or I are religious people. His father was a religious fanatic and broke his family apart because of it. My mom tried to instil religion and the love of god in my but i never really bought into any of it, thus forming no beliefs of my own. Religion is not part of our lives and therefor we will leave it up to our daughter to choose her own beliefs when the time comes. We will support her decision if she chosses to believe a certain thing but will not push into anything, and we will not push into our beliefs or lack there of.
My Question: Because we do not choose to have her baptised/christened we will not have any documentation of "God parents". How do we go about documenting the gardians we have chosen for if something should happen to us?

Your opinions or any suggestions are welcome and needed.
Thank you.

(cross posted)
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