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Hungry hungry little girl!

First off let me start by saying I love the fact that i get so much feed back and so many different opinions from posting in these few parenting communities that i belong to. So, in advance and for that advice which has been offered in the past, THANK YOU :)

Now here i go again. Another question for all you wise ones out there.
Genevieve is 25 weeks old and on solids as well as breastfed. I feed her solids twice a day and she gets so excited when I put her in her high chair...it's really cute. She really seems to enjoy everything i have given her so far. I breastfeed her for a few minutes before feeding her solids so she is not starting on an empty stomach and sometimes afterwords she nurses again to top her self off. So she usually eats about and ounce of fruit or veg (sometimes with cereal mixed in, sometimes not) along with about 15 minutes worth of nursing.
Latley she has graduated to eating a whole jar of fruit or veg mixed with cereal (oats or rice) and still is nursing just as much. Aside from all of that she is nursing every 3 hours just like always and for at least 20 minutes each time. Sometimes an hour after eating solids and nursing, she eats again!
Also it seems she is eating more and more at night latley, at least every 2-3 hours.
So do i chalk this up to a growth spurt? Should i try to feed her solids more through out the day? I want to keep breastfeeding her as long as she is willing. An eventually i'd like to get a little sleep at night!
Advice, opinions, similar situations? Anybody?
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