Jules (domesticjulie) wrote in postpartum,

Post partum depression

I am hopeful that someone still reads these communities. I am looking for advice on how to handle post partum depression and a colicky baby.

My son was born on August 2nd 2005. And as wonderful as it should feel. I don't feel 'happy' at all. I'm scared, distraught, alone, frustrated, angry, and depressed. I am currently active duty Navy and my husband is deployed to Japan with the Marine Corps. We're both stationed in Hawaii. I don't have a lot of friends, and I have no family on the island. My mother was here, but left last week. Luckily she will be returning this coming week, because my son has been diagnosed with Colic, and I think I am reaching the scary breaking point with my undiagnosed post partum depression.

I'm looking for help.
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