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hi, i've been in this community for a little bit but i never send a post. so i figured i'd post now. i'm 21 years old and in february i lost a set of twin boys. i was only 26 weeks along and went inot labor while sitting at home. one of them was still born, and the other lived for 17 days. there was a situation with the twins called acardiac twinning. if you don't know what that is you can ask me. we knew that one of the twins would die when i gave birth(he was technically already past when we found out at my 5 month ultrasound) but to lose the healthy one too cause i went early was just unbearable. my boyfriend and i took a while to get acustomed to that. but i stopped taking my birth control about a month ago. we decided it we were ready. now i think that i am currently pregnant...which would be great in my book and my boyfriend would love it. i haven't taken a test yet, but my period runs from 28-32 days and yesterday made 32 days...still nothing. so i'm gonna buy a test and we'll see. just an informing post. and if anyone has suggestions for a boys name that would be great...we already have a girls name picked out from when i was pregnant before.
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